Our Leaking AC and Water Heater Leak Detector Alarm System not only protects from water leak and leaking condensation water damage due to drip pan overflow; it protects from water heater leaks causing water damage to wet floors and wet carpets, and provides peace of mind.
30 “x 1 “flat flexible ribbon sensors, no moving parts-Dual sensor systems for A-Coil and/or HWH-90 decibel alarm-9vdc battery power-Wall or stand-alone mount
Sensors cover a large area-Easy to install-Affordable, protects against leak damage-Saves expense, time, frustration
A/C Drip Pan and HWH Leak Alarm, simple, reliable, easy to install

A/C Drip Pan and HWH Leak Alarm, simple, reliable, easy to install

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The ACDP-A,  A/C Condensate and Hot Water Heater Leak Alarm is a simple, reliable, device that provides you years of trouble-free operation and protection for dual or single systems while saving you hours of water leak damage maintenance time and cost.


  • No moving parts/no maintenance
  • Sensor has no moving parts to hang up so no maintenance is required
  • Loud Alarm (110 decibels)
  • Easy to install
  • 30 inch x 1 inch Sensors provides ultimate area coverage
  •  Sensor leads of 24 and 40 inches for easy mounting
  • Affordable, Saves expense, maintenance time, frustration
  • Provides peace of mind, protects against costly leak Damage  
  • (2)30 “x 1 “flat flexible ribbon sensors
  • Can be uses as dual or single sensor systems for A-Coil and/or HWH
  • Very loud 110 decibel alarm, 
  • 9V dc battery power
  • Wall or stand-alone mount

No floats to corrode or hang up. Utilizes two of our patented 30-inch flat flexible ribbon sensors that offer superior wide area water leak coverage. One sensor mounts at the A/C unit and the second one mounts at the HWH drain. When it senses a water leak it activates the 110 decibel alarm. This alerts local personnel so they can report, or fix, the leak. The leak alarm is powered by a 9 vdc battery (not included). The 24 inch and 40 inch sensor leads allow for easy location. Sensors are mounted externally as a leak monitor. The housing can be stand alone or wall mounted. used in homes, apartments and condos.

Patent No. 10032355

Download the Installation Instructions HERE