AC Drip Pan Leak Sensing and Shut Off Control protects against losses from wet floors, wet carpeting, and ruined ceilings by shutting off the A/C unit and stopping further condensation.
30” x 1” flat flexible ribbon sensor-24 VAC power-Red LED when activated-Wall or stand-alone mount-24” sensor leads for easy location
Sensor has no moving parts-Wide area coverag-Shuts off A/C when leak detected-Stops further condensation-Easy installation
A/C Condensate Leak Shut Off Control, Shuts off the AC and stops the water leak.

A/C Condensate Leak Shut Off Control, Shuts off the AC and stops the water leak.

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The ACDP-C, A/C Condensate Leak Shutoff Control is a simple, reliable, device that provides years of trouble-free operation and water leak protection for HVAC systems while saving you hours of leak damage cost and maintenance time. 


  • Sensor has no moving parts to hang up and requires no maintenance
  • Gives wide area coverage due to 30 inch sensor
  • Shuts off A/C when leak detected
  • Red LED upon activation
  • Stops further condensation
  • operates off  A/C power
  • Long electrical leads - easy installation


  • 30” x 1” flat flexible patented ribbon sensor
  • 24 VAC power from AC control board
  • Red LED when activated
  • Wall or stand-alone mount
  • 24” sensor leads, 36 inch power and thermostat leads
  • Can be used as a  level or external leak control

When a condensate water leak is detected the controller interrupts the Air Conditioner thermostat control signal and shuts off the A/C unit, stopping further condensation, property water leak damage, and potential for mold. A red LED illuminates upon leak detection. No batteries necessary as It is powered by the 24 VAC air conditioner control circuit. 30 inch sensor provides ultimate coverage.

You can easily mount the sensor externally as a leak monitor or in the pan as a condensate pan level monitor. The control module can be stand alone or wall mounted.

Patent No. 10032355

Download the Installation Instructions HERE