AC Drip Pan Shutoff Control

8/21/2022 -  Jackie, Apartment Maintenance Supervisor. 230 units. easy to install. Working very well.

4/2021 Ed - Nice unit. Very sensitive which is what I was looking for. Works well. Do you make one with an audible alarm also?

     Ans: We make an alarm only device if that will help, our WALA Wide Area Leak Alarm module.

10/2020 Tracy - Home owner- installation went great

10/2020 Rob - Apt. Maintenance, 140 units - working great after we got our residents to stop putting their wet mops on top of the sensors in the AC closet. 

7/2019 Bryan - Apt. Maintenance, 550 units - We purchased Leak King ACDP-C condensate drip pan shutoff switches because we had lots of leaks. The no moving parts, no maintenance, was very attractive as we had previous problems with float activated switches and not knowing when they would hang up. They  have saved us many man hours of repairs and other leak problems 

AC Drip Pan/HWH Alarm

8/7/2022 - Sarah, 300 units. working well. Many leaks reported.

4/20/22 - Nora, Your product was great and saved us a lot of time! 

7/2019 - Duane, Apt. Maintenance, 330 units - We are usually shorthanded in maintenance had lots of leak repairs. We installed the Leak King ACDP-A drip pan alarms and other Leak King water leak alarm products. They are already paying for themselves in providing early warning for leaks that could have been very costly. Very good products and we are recommending them to our other facilities. 

Toilet Leak Alarm

 Nadine 4/2019 - Home Owner - We recently remodeled our two upstairs bathrooms. When the contractor took out the old toilets, he noticed some leak stains. We had heard of the Leak King toilet leak alarm from a friend who told us how easy it was to install and that it would give us an alarm if the new toilets ever started leaking. We had the contractor  install two of them. The toilets may never leak but this was cheap insurance for the peace of mind that we have protection from a leak that you don’t usually see until it's too late.

Bob 8/2018 - Home owner - One day I noticed a spot on my basement ceiling. I pulled down the ceiling tile and found a leaky toilet above.  It had rotted out the entire support system. It ended up  costing over $7,000 to fix. Unbelievably, my homeowner’s insurance didn’t cover it. I installed a Leak King Toilet Flange Leak Alarm, the only one I could find. It could have saved me a lot of money. Cheap insurance against an expensive problem

 Wide Area Leak Alarm 

Toby - 1/2021 - Home Owner - Gasket leaked on my instant hot water faucet on kitchen sink. Instant alarm. Great product 


Bud - 7/2020 - Home Owner - The Wide Area Leak Alarm did exactly as advertised with a loud signal that got my attention so I could find and fix the kitchen sink sprayer hose leak before any major damage occurred. I highly recommend them.